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I was born in Siena in 1977. I graduated with a degree in political science and I obtained a doctorate in the history of European political parties. After working several years at the University of Siena, various events and my passion for photography led me to the decision to become a professional photographer.

Shortly after starting my career as wedding photographer, I was fortunate enough to gain experience in the art world. I published for the magazines Play Boy Italy  and Art Tribune and showed my photos at exhibitions at various art galleries ( Wikiarte, Magazzini del Sale).

After the birth of my first daughter ( Maria Ludovica) my main focus became to be a wedding photographer  in Tuscany, in Italy and everywhere you need.

I know every angle of my marvelous Country: Rome, Milan, Venice, Siena, Florence, Arezzo, Como lake, Amalfi Coast and many other beautiful locations.

Other than wedding photography, I also teach at “ Studiumfotografia”, a school I created, where I advise many up and coming photographers.

After the birth of my second daughter (Maria Luce), the University of Siena  gave me the honor of the position of visiting lecturer of digital communications in photography.

When I’m not working (rarely) I dedicate myself to my passions: naturally Ludi and Luce, but I also love watching movies, reading and I cannot live without music!


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